Due to the current pandemic, the lending industry will need to make some adjustments in order to continue lending to consumers and businesses while helping existing borrowers that have been directly impacted by this crisis. 

GDS Link has developed a specific mission statement for this unprecedented time:

GDS Link will aid in the recovery of this crisis. Our solutions and our people will help lenders prepare for the recovery, reevaluate their portfolios, mitigate risk, further modernize lending practices and ultimately, serve consumers and businesses that depend on lending. 

Based on input directly from clients, below is a summarized list of how GDS Link can help:
  • Paycheck Protection Program: Helping small business lenders fast track the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) with a digital loan application and origination process
  • Providing professional services and support:  If your staff has been impacted and you need resources to manage your application, make changes, etc., please reach out to us. 
  • By using Bank Transaction Data, we are helping other lenders with affordability and cash flow checks as borrowers are calling in who have lost their jobs or been impacted by COVID-19.
  • Portfolio risk & pre-delinquency assessment: Behavior scoring your existing portfolio daily will help you mitigate risks and create actionable data as this fluid situation plays out over the next few weeks. We can help build a pre-delinquency model using your data + third party data to find those borrowers at most risk.
  • Model validation:  We can validate your current models. You should be prepared to re-tune & re-deploy models as frequently as possible to mitigate these current economic risks.  We can also monitor these models on an ongoing basis to ensure their effectiveness.