Is It Ever Too Late to Start Recession-Proofing Your Portfolio?

Read More about Reducing a Recession’s Impact on Lenders in GDS Link's "Why You Should Always Manage Your Lending Portfolio as Though in an Economic Recession"

The National Bureau of Economic Research has tracked the fact that, since 1854, the average length of a recession has shrunk from 22 months to 11 months. But regardless of duration, recessions are a stressful time for everyone, including lenders. Each down cycle brings an inevitable rise in unemployment and the loan payment delinquencies and defaults that go along with them.

With over 10,000 banks, credit unions, and other traditional U.S. lenders—and nearly as many fintech startups originating loans—what actions can consumer and small business lenders take to recession-proof their portfolios?

Our latest whitepaper explores the market landscape during a recession, why and how certain lenders can benefit during a downturn, and specific actions, strategies, and technologies lenders can use to recession-proof their portfolios.